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Welcome to Advanced Chiropractic of Spokane, WA, where Dr. Paul Miller leads a dedicated team with a genuine passion for helping you achieve your best possible health. Our mission is to restore, rehabilitate, and revitalize your well-being through a combination of chiropractic and rehabilitation care. We take a holistic and comprehensive approach to patient treatment, carefully evaluating all aspects of your unique health needs and addressing the underlying causes of your health concerns.

Our commitment to your well-being is at the core of everything we do because we believe that healthy individuals and families form the foundation of strong communities. Whether you’re experiencing pain, seeking non-surgical joint restoration, or simply looking for safe and natural healthcare to enable you to return to your everyday activities, we’re here to support you on your journey.

At Advanced Chiropractic, you will find a range of care options, including Chiropractic Care, Nutritional Guidance, Stress Management, Specialized Care for Auto Accident and Work-Related Personal Injury Cases, and other natural non-surgical solutions designed to expedite healing and provide the highest standard of healthcare for you and your loved ones.

We invite you to experience the difference at Advanced Chiropractic. If you’re ready to feel better and improve your overall health, consider joining our family practice. We are conveniently located and serve residents of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Deer Park, and Suncrest, WA.

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Proudly Serving Spokane and Surrounding Communities!

We are a dynamic practice whose mission is to continue to serve our community with a spirit of total caring
while providing the highest quality service to each patient as a unique individual. Click below to learn more.

See What Our Patients Are Saying…

{Love the treatment from doctor Miller going to him 3 times a week really helped my back Thank you for your care alone with a loving caring overall staff team
Charise Cheeks
{I’ve experienced great relief from aches and pains through chiropractic treatment at Advanced Chiropractic. Dr. Miller is an excellent doctor and his staff is friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend giving him a try.
Myan Forney
{Dr Miller does a great job and cares about his patients. Staff are very friendly and helpful! Best chiropractor around!
Tami Hoffman
{I am a college track and field athlete. Dr. Miller has helped me not only get better from my injury, but he has gotten me back to the sport I love and continues to help me with my back injury. He also has the best staff around 🙂
Katie Collins
{My husband has used Advanced Chiropractic for years and years. I’ve come to the office many times and Dr. Miller and team are truly fantastic. Humor combined with stellar care: I wouldn't recommend any other chiropractor in Spokane. Go see Advanced Chiropractic.
Sharon Koehler
{I'd give Dr Miller 50 stars if I could!! He cares for me and my family as if it were his own!! Honored to call him friend! AND Thank you Paul for your service to our country!!
Dale Bren
{I'm usually not a fan of going to the doctors but these guys are great; they're a hoot! I feel so much better after Dr. Miller adjusts me and I love the roller massage tables. They feel wonderful. Wish I could take one home. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a great chiropractor and a friendly caring staff.
Bobbi Collins
{I have now been seeing Dr. Miller for about two years. He has definitely assisted me with living a semi normal life with my SI and back issues. Each time I have an appointment, I come out of there more knowledgeable than when I arrived. Understanding my spine, back and how everything is associated with the back.The main reason for this is EVERYTHING I EVER NEEDED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM MY CHIROPRACTOR.
John Ashley
{Dr. Miller made a "huge" improvement for me, which is "very much" appreciated and enjoyed, IMO Dr. Miller is a true healer and knows his practice. Also, I liked the time he took in showing me via the x rays whats going on with me. In short, I'm very impressed!!!!!!!!!
Mike K.
{I was in a car accident in 2012. The bottom half of my right arm went numb. I saw two chiropractors over the years and Dr. Miller was able to fix my arm. I am so grateful. I also have a hump on my back and a very painful hip. Dr. Miller has explained everything he does and has taught me how to better care for my back and has helped me too heal. I highly recommend him. My experience has been excellent.
Janet Lindberg

Insurances Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurance,  including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Asuris Northwest, Medicare, Labor & Industries Compensation, and many
other insurance programs, as well as accepting or providing care for Personal Injury / Auto Injury cases and Worker’s Compensation programs.
in need of our services who lack insurance and who are worried about the high costs charged by many other clinics need not worry.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Paul Miller

Chiropractor and Owner

Dr. Miller is a licensed practitioner at Advanced Chiropractic in Spokane, where he has gained the respect of numerous patients with his effective techniques, one-of-a-kind personality, and amazing staff who are always ready to answer your questions and make our patients feel welcome.

Like many individuals in today’s society, Dr. Paul Miller frequently suffered back pains growing up. After personally experiencing the benefits of chiropractic adjustments in his early twenties, Dr. Miller knew he wanted to be a chiropractor.

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