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Ending Neck Pain in Spokane
by Dr. Paul Miller

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Fargo Neck Pain and Flexibility

Today’s lifestyles and work habits have had detrimental effects of pain to millions of people around the world.  Neck pain affects 10-15% of people and is prevalent among middle-aged men and women.  In the age of research studies, Chiropractic, and manual therapy have become cost-effective solutions in treating patients suffering from neck pain and restricted range of motion.

Studies and Results

Recent studies show that a more “hands-on” approach may be more effective and cost-effective in treating neck pain than traditional therapy or a physician’s care.  A study published in the British Medical Journal assessed the effectiveness of Chiropractic with other modes of treatment.  The study compared three modes of treatment to determine which was the most effective in improving mobility and reducing neck pain.  A cost comparison was then established at the end of the study.

One hundred eighty-three patients who suffered from neck pain for a two-week period participated in the study.  The patients, aged 18 to 70 years old, were divided into three groups.  The three treatment groups consisted of manual therapy, physical therapy, and continued care from a general practitioner.

Group one received continued routine care from a doctor.  They were ordered to take pain medication and rest and given advice on recovery, self-care, and ergonomics.  Group two patients received Chiropractic adjustments to reduce restrictions in the neck’s range of motion.  The third group underwent physical therapy, including a supervised exercise regimen of a 30-minute exercise session two times per week.

After seven weeks of treatment, 68.3% of patients who received manual therapy through adjustments reported that they were either “completely recovered,” or had significantly improved as a result of treatment — compared with only 50.8% of the physical therapy group and 35.9% of patients under a physician’s care.

Patients in the manual therapy group showed a higher recovery rate and 50% fewer absences from work due to pain than the other groups. They also demonstrated better results in all outcome measures than the other two groups.

Six months after the study concluded, researchers also found that treatment costs were significantly lower for patients who received Chiropractic care.  Chiropractic care costs one-third less than the other two treatments.

A Chiropractic Solution

Chiropractors are specialized manual therapy healthcare providers.  Their focus is to restore and heal, utilizing specialized skills to assess the area exhibiting pain and identify and treat the cause to help recapture and improve the quality of life you desire.

Call today!  Chiropractic may hold your future healthcare solution!

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